We Promise, We Weren’t Slacking!

To those of you who thought we’d taken a cheeky day’s leave yesterday, I promise you we were still hard at work! So were the poor chaps who were desperately trying to resolve the power supply problems in France (see, South Africa’s not the only country with electricity issues!). Mint is hosted by OVH, who suffered a major power outage in Strasbourg yesterday. Luckily things were righted at about 22h00 last night, so we’re back up and running today!

Apologies to all of our Mint devotees who were quite distressed when they didn’t receive their 9am fix! And thanks so much to everyone who made contact to check that we were alive and well!

P.S. Unfortunately because things only came back online so late last night we only managed to get one post done for today – but it’s a real gem! Keep an eye out for our 7am post….

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