We Apologise for the Break in Transmission

So sorry for disappearing on you like that! With the world turned upside down recently, some of you may not even have noticed that Mint went on a sudden hiatus last week Monday, but we’re happy to announce that we’re back!

I’m certain that everyone will have their own story to tell about the events of the last few weeks, but mine involved Justin being stuck in the UK, and me desperately trying to find a way to join him (in times like these, family becomes very important doesn’t it?). At the same time, my brother, Pete, who lives in Berlin, and had been in SA to tie up loose ends, was also trying to find a way back to his home in Europe, so we spent the week booking, and rebooking flights, as airlines kept taking our dosh and then cancelling our trips!

But eventually Pete and I made it, and I’m now writing to you from a small town in England, about thirty minutes outside of London. We’ll be back in sunny SA once the restrictions here and at home have eased a bit, and the powers that be have deemed it safe to travel again. In the meantime we hope that we can keep you entertained with a (somewhat limited) Mint offering: instead of our usual five items a day, we’ve reduced our new posts to just three, and you can look forward to a sale in what will hopefully be the last week of lock down.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to courier items for the next few weeks though as Fastway, our courier company, have understandably temporarily closed, but just as soon as we can, we promise we’ll have your treasures on their way to you!

Sending all of our love to our Mint family for the coming weeks! Take things one day at a time, find the joy in the small things in life (there’s plenty of happiness still to be had, I promise), and if you’re at home with wee kiddiwinks, then all I can say is “sterkte”! Hopefully your daily Mint email will give you a few minutes of happy respite from the madness! 😉

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