Treat Yourself!

A few weeks back Justin, Andile and myself visited the wonderful Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair in Hyde Park. I was pretty darn impressed with the quality of the goods on sale (I’m still dreaming about these Fabrica Citymapmats!), but the one item that stood out for us, and that we landed up buying, was the natural perfume from Saint d’Ici. I’ve become more and more put off by mass produced scents (you must see what goes into them!), so to find a local, beautifully presented, and fantastic quality perfumer was a real score! Not only do their perfumes smell unbelievably good, and quite unlike anything you’ve encountered before, but owner Marie Aoun also tries to source all of her ingredients from within Africa, using small scale farmers and community development projects.

So if you feel like treating yourself, and want to support a local business, then do yourself a favour and visit Saint d’Ici’s website. They provide great descriptions of their perfumes, all of which are unisex, so you can get a decent idea of what it is that you’re buying, and while they’re not super cheap, they’re definitely comparable in price to mass produced perfumes, with so much more love in them! And I promise you won’t be disappointed when your beautiful parcel arrives at your doorstep – we were pretty blown away by the über stylish gift bag!

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  1. karla says:

    Amazing -Kirst- would love to smell these. Also involve with Fabrics rugs-swoon!!!

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