Times they are a changing….

FastwayI feel like Mint is all grown up! A few weeks ago we took a giant step and signed up with Fastway Couriers! It’s a giant step because for a little business like ours it involves quite an outlay of cash, but the benefits are well worth it – like door to door delivery within Joburg for R60! And that’s for a 30kg box!! Do you know how much retro tat you can stuff in a 30kg box?? Durbs and Cape Town aren’t quite as impressive with a 15kg limit (still a decent sized box – big enough to send a full collection of encyclopedias or a large vintage mixer with attachments!) for R100 or R150 respectively. It may sound like a fair bit, but it’s not that far off what the post office would change for a similar sized box, plus you don’t have the hassle of queuing at the post office, and your goods are more likely to arrive in one piece! Because of it being a standard price (i.e. R60/R100/R150 for Joburg/Durbs/Cape Town) it probably makes sense to wait until you’ve got a bit of a stash before we courier you your loot, in which case just select ‘Collect’ and then let us know once you’re ready for us to send your parcel. But if you’re in a hurry and happy to pay the fee then select the new Fastway option and we’ll send your goods off to you on the Wednesday after you’ve made your purchase! Easy peasy!

P.S. If I’ve managed to confuse anyone at all please feel free to mail me with any questions you may have!

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