Them Gremlins be at it Again!

It seems that we have a gremlin infestation again! Unbeknownst to us, the checkout process on our website hasn’t been working properly for the past few days. It seems that the issue has to do with the Payfast tool that we use to calculate our shipping costs.

For a quick temporary fix, we’ve removed the courier option from the checkout page for now, but obviously we will still happily courier goods (just as soon as we can, that is!). We will send you the shipping costs when we send your goods to you, but in the meantime you can use the following guide to give you an idea of what your total would be (click here if the table doesn’t show below):

NationalMedium satchelR95
NationalLarge satchelR125
Rural areasMedium satchelR125
Rural areasBoxR200

And remember, you can stash a whole treasure trove of retro loot into those boxes, which makes the courier fee per item quite reasonable!

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