The Dexterous Dawood!

When we made the move from Durban to Johannesburg, one of the things I was most concerned about was finding an accomplished upholsterer. In Durbs I had the amazing Suneal (who treated me like family – thanks Suneal!) – he wasn’t only very competitively priced, but his work was also fantastic. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to match his standard – that is until my lovely friend, Levinia, introduced me to Dexterous Dawood! Based in Westdene, Dawood operates out of a small shop, which doesn’t look like much, but the magic he creates there immediately washes away any misgivings you might have about the location! Like Suneal, Dawood’s prices are reasonable, but dare I say it, I think he may be even more skilful, turning furniture that looks like it belongs on a rubbish heap into contemporary masterpieces!

If you’re ever in need of any upholstery work, please don’t hesitate to give Dawood a shout. He might not deliver your goods on exactly the day he promises (the downfall of many a craftsman!), but when your new armchair or sofa arrives, I promise you won’t begrudge him those few extra days!

Dawood: 084 646 9765/083 426 4066

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