The BIG Four Oh!

Andile and Kirsty at Roving Bantu Kitchen

Tomorrow is my fortieth birthday, so I’m (justifiably I think!) taking the day off work to celebrate! Which of course means that there’ll be no new items for sale I’m afraid – so sorry folks! Things will resume as per normal on Thursday, when I will be one whole year older!

P.S. If you haven’t been to the fabulous Roving Bantu Kitchen in Brixton do yourself a favour and make a booking there for this weekend! Great music, great food and the most wonderful hosts! Like a friend of mine, Lisa, said: “It feels like this is where we should always have been coming!”

Celebrations at Roving Bantu Kitchen

Celebrations at Roving Bantu Kitchen

8 Replies to “The BIG Four Oh!”

  1. Suzanne Mays says:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow, Kirsty!

    Hope it’s a magical day x

  2. Tanja says:

    Happy happy Kirsty, hope it the best year yet!

  3. Cindy Serafini says:

    Oh wow – happy 40th birthday for tomorrow Kirsty – wishing you so much love, health and happiness for this decade & beyond xx

  4. karla says:

    Happy Birthday Kirst hope its a fantastic day. Welcome to the 40ies.

  5. Bryan Robertson says:

    I’m about to exit the fantastic phase of life known as the 40-somethings. It is a memorable period. I hope you will make it unforgettable and impactful everywhere you touch. Congratulations and party like it’s your 21st

  6. Nicola says:

    Happy Birthday Kirsty! Wishing you a lovely day and a wonderful celebration tomorrow. And cake, lots of cake! ?

  7. Kate says:

    Best wishes for your birthday tomorrow!

  8. Melanie Petersen says:

    Hip hip hooray and wishing you all the happies on your special day

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