Tempting Winter Shopping!

We recently installed a new fireplace in our lounge (thank goodness, given how icy the weather is in Jozi today!), and never one to miss a chance to buy something new for our home, I decided that we needed a woven basket to store our kindling in. Easy enough task, one would think, buying a handsome basket? But seemingly not! I hunted and hunted, but to no avail! A week or so later Justin and I were at Kamers and lo and behold there were the baskets I was searching for, but being used as props for the stalls – none of them were actually for sale. Eventually I started asking the stall holders where they had bought their baskets from, and they all came back with the same answer – Candoo! Which is how I stumbled upon the most delightful store in Jozi, which bizarrely turns out to be owned by a Mint customer!

Penelope runs ON Y VA, and partners with Candoo in the shop they share in Parkhurst. ON Y VA specialises in Spanish sandals, the most incredible woven handbags, and their newly launched Parisian Bobbies loafers, with Candoo selling decor items (like my basket!), many of which are vintage. Their shop isn’t massive, but it’s beautifully curated, and on the day I popped in to say hello, was being manned by Penelope herself, which makes for a very personal shopping experience.

And if you don’t live in Joburg, don’t stress, both ON Y VA and Candoo have fantastic websites, so you can do your shopping from the comfort of your own home – ideal when the weather outside’s not particularly inviting!

P.S. For the next week ON Y VA and Candoo are generously offering 10% off all their merchandise for Mint subscribers! Just mention that you heard about the site through Mint and they’ll deduct 10% from your total. For online purchases you’ll need to drop them a mail – details below:

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