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Vintage Reading Glasses


So some of you are going to think that I’ve lost my marbles, but when you see the crazy prices that these vintage reading glasses sell for you’ll see that it’s not me who’s gone a bit nuts! All of the glasses that we have for sale today are by very collectible names, and as such sell for a pretty penny! My favourites are probably the German Rocco glasses by Rodenstock. These 1960s glasses have made a bit of a comeback recently with Rodenstock relaunching the Rocco design. Original Rocco frames sell for as much as $160! The Austrian Cobra frames are obviously way more ‘granny’ and will need someone with some serious style to carry them off – at the top-end vintage Cobra frames sell for around $100. The German Koln Optik frames are a little less granny, and a little more retro geek – I happen to really like them, but the arms are quite wide so will need someone with a larger head than me (possibly a man). Online they also sell for as much as $100. The American Victory frames (frames with the V on the rim) have also been relaunched, and new they sell for around $200. The Victory frames that we have for sale today have plenty of scratches (as do the Rocco frames), and are slightly bent out of shape – nothing that an optometrist couldn’t fix when you’re having new lenses fitted (the scratches will require a bit of elbow grease with some Brasso). And finally we have the British-made Oliver Goldsmith frames (which also sell for a good chunk of change) and the German Nigura frames, which I must admit have a bit of a serial killer vibe to them, but again, if you’ve got the style for them they’re worth the money – original Nigura frames can sell for as much as €280 online – see, I told you it wasn’t me who was bonkers!

Note: Condition of frames is as follows

  • Dark brown Rodenstock frames: Lots of scratches on inside of arms; New screw on arm installed – i.e. ignore MacGyver job that you see in the pic
  • Amber Cobra frames: Good condition
  • Mauve Koln Optik frames: Good condition, minor scratching on inside of arms; wide frames (only suitable for men)
  • Black Victory frames: Lots of scratches on inside of arms; slightly bent out of shape; Tight around the head (only suitable for women, or men with small heads!)
  • Patterned bronze Oliver Goldsmith frames: Good condition
  • Faded peach Nigura frames: Good condition, minor scratching on inside of arms
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3 years 3 months ago

I really love those cobra glasses… can you see the size of them on the arm perhaps?