Tin Conversion Table


Tin Conversion Table


To look at the condition of this tin Repco conversion table you’d think that it couldn’t have much age to it, but this particular logo for this Australian auto parts company dates to sometime between 1937 and the 1960s, with the latter decade being very much in keeping with (über cool!) style of this piece. It’s just been very well cared for – as was everything that I bought from this great brother and sister team who were cleaning out their parent’s home. And not only is this a fairly rare and very collectible tin sign, but it’s also super handy – so much so that Justin was eyeing it for his workshop! Obviously we can all use google too look things up, but sometimes it’s actually easier to use something physical like this – we recently bought an old school Westclox kitchen timer, and I can’t tell you how much less of a schlep it is to use than the timer on my cell phone!

Dimensions: 65.5cm tall x 47.5cm wide

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