Retro Teacups, Saucers & Side Plates (Per Set)



Retro Teacups, Saucers & Side Plates (Per Set)


Show me some brightly coloured porcelain and I’ll show you my money, especially when it’s a mish-mash of colours like today’s fabulous retro tea set! Most people refer to multi-coloured tea cups as a ‘harlequin’ pattern, although I’m not sure if that would apply to today’s china, as in addition to the use of bright colours, there’s also a rather crazy pattern printed onto the front and back of each teacup. For me that just makes me love the teacups even more, but I know my taste can be a bit crazy, and these might not be for everyone. Personally though, I think they’re rather fabulous – even with the minor wear to the paintwork and the missing sixth trio – you don’t see teacups like these everyday, so beggars can’t be choosers!

P.S. Unfortunately there’s no maker’s mark to be seen. Also note that we’re selling the five cups and saucers separately to the side plates

Dimensions; Teacups – 6.5cm tall x 8.5cm in diameter; Saucers – 15cm in diameter; Side plates – 15.5cm in diameter

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Hi Kirsty! Do you have any images of the cake plates please?