Retro Dining Room Table & Chairs (Each)



Retro Dining Room Table & Chairs (Each)


I’m a little bit in love with these dining room chairs – you have to admit, they’re pretty darn handsome! And the table ain’t too bad either! I think it’s the angle of the backrests that appeals to me so much – it’s what makes them stand out so clearly as retro pieces.

I bought the dining room suite from the niece of the lady who had owned it from new, and I have to say she had done a really decent job of looking after it – obviously we’ve sanded all of the wood down, and reupholstered the seats and backrests, but they weren’t in terrible nick even before we started. The table has a peculiar burn mark at the top of the one leg, but because of it’s position you don’t really notice it, and the veneer has lifted ever so slightly on the centre piece of the table (the bit where it extends), but again that’s not very noticeable.

Overall I’d say that for its age, this suite is doing pretty well!

Dimensions: Table – 1.65m long/2.1m long when extended x 91cm wide x 76cm tall; Each chair measures 81cm tall x 48cm wide x 47cm deep

NB: Deliveries can be arranged in Joburg only/Please arrange own transport for the rest of the country

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