Retro Chairs (Each)


Retro Chairs (Each)


I’m not often tempted by single chairs, especially dining room chairs, which I assume this pair are, but the craftsmanship and design skills displayed in these beautiful chairs really bowled me over! I don’t often see such beautifully finished bits of furniture – I even like the vinyl seats, complete with the brass studs, which I normally find so abhorrent! The design just works so well!

Unfortunately I don’t know who’s responsible for the chairs, but they do have a very Scandinavian feel to them – they remind me a lot of the work of Danish designer, Finn Juhl*, one of the leading figures in the creation of Danish design in the 1940s, and the designer credited with introducing Danish Modern to America. Still though, I’m not certain of where they were made, or by whom, but it’s clear to me this is a pair of very well made chairs that have stood the test of time. There’s a very small nick in the trim of the one chair, and some minor discolouration to the wood, but for their years I think they’re in very respectable condition!

Use them in your home office, or add them to an eclectic collection of chairs around your dining room table. I’m sure that they’ll be appreciated for the fine pieces of design that they are, wherever they land up!

* Visit Mr Bigglesworthy to see a Finn Juhl inspired design that reminds me a lot of our chairs

Dimensions: Dining room chair – 82cm tall x 53cm wide x 47cm deep; Dining room carver – 82cm tall x 58cm wide x 47cm deep

NB: Deliveries can be arranged in Joburg for a fee of R250/Please arrange own transport for the rest of the country

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