Original Panton Chairs (Each)



Original Panton Chairs (Each)


I was pretty excited to find the Verner Panton stamp on these iconic S chairs! You can buy replicas of these chairs (for around R1400 a pop), but we don’t often see the original Vitra manufactured versions for sale in South Africa! I’ve tried to read up on how to authenticate a Panton chair as an original and it seems there are a number of checks that you can do: the Verner Panton signature must be raised; the Vitra stamp must be present on the underside of the chair; if there any scratches in the plastic (which sadly one of our chairs does have) the colour  must go all the way through; and finally, if you turn the chair upside down and stand on it, it mustn’t break!

I didn’t have the time (or the courage!) to do the final test before I left for Durbs yesterday, but otherwise I’m happy to say that our chairs passed all of the checks with flying colours! Whoop whoop! So while our chairs aren’t in mint condition (although bar the scratches to the one chair, they’re not doing badly either!), they’re a fraction of what an original Panton chair sells for overseas (around £1000), and in SA you can pick up a single original Panton chair for the bargain price of around R3000, which makes today’s chairs a bit of a steal!

P.S. Visit www.verner-panton.com to read up on the history of this 1960s design classic. Also please note that the chairs are slightly more red and slightly less orange than they appear in the pics!

Dimensions: Each chair measures 83cm tall x 58cm wide x 50cm deep; Height of seat – 41cm

NB: Deliveries can be arranged in Joburg for a fee of R250/Please arrange own transport for the rest of the country

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Hi. I would like to buy the set. Is there only one left?