Large Painted Bowls (Each)

R150.00 R97.00


Large Painted Bowls (Each)

R150.00 R97.00

I know they look like enamel bowls, but I’m afraid they’re not the real deal, although they are metal likely painted with enamel, so if you’re not going to be too pedantic about it I suppose we could call them enamel! But I still really like these bowls, despite the fact that they’re cheap and cheerful (you can almost see the square outline where the flower stickers were stuck on!) , and aren’t going to last nearly as long as proper enamelled bowls. It’s really the colours that appealed to me – they’re not colours I’ve really seen before on enamel bowls, and they’re really rich, deep colours – so enticing!

I’m not quite sure what you would do with these bowls (they’re pretty large!). I don’t know if I’d recommend using them as dog bowls as they might not last that long, although I could be wrong. You could also use them for serving a large salad when you’re hosting Christmas lunch for your entire extended family, or when your niece asks you if she can get married at your house! Who knows! Hopefully somebody out there is a bit more imaginative than me and can find a use for these beautiful bowls!

Dimensions: Each bowl measures 12cm deep x 48cm in diameter

NB: We’re overseas until the 14th July, so unfortunately there will be a delay in posting/couriering items until we’re back

Dimensions: Each bowl measures cm deep x cm in diameter

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