Handblown Bud Vases



Handblown Bud Vases


Look at all our vases!! Don’t they look fabulous grouped together? The two green bud vases still (kind of) have their original stickers, showing that they were made in Sweden – our second lot of Swiss bud vases this month! I have no idea who made the other three vases, but they’re equally as lovely, although the lavender coloured vase does have some marks along the stem of the vase that aren’t visible in the photos, and because of the wear we’re selling that one vase at out cost price – a bargain little vase to bulk up a collection! But the remainder of the vases are not only in pretty decent nick, but are also slightly different to the standard design of these vases – each has something special, whether it’s the cut-glass stars, or the unusual square base – they all have something that makes them stand out.

Dimensions: Medium green Swedish bud vase – 20.5cm tall x 4.5cm in diameter; Short green Swedish bud vase – 14.5cm tall x 4cm in diameter; Medium lavender bud vase – 20.5cm tall x 4.5cm in diameter; Bluey-grey bud vase with square base – 16.5cm tall x 4cm in diameter; Tall peach bud vase – 26cm tall x 5.5cm in diameter

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Kathy Choromanski
2 years 4 months ago

Hi, how much for all 5 bud vases?