Glass Brita Jug


Glass Brita Jug


his is quite an unusual buy for me – I wouldn’t normally be interested in a jug as modern as I suspect this one to be, and as rule I’m not a fan of such obvious branding, but somewhere on my travels I’ve seen one of these jugs before, and I remember lusting after it terribly, so when this Brita jug came up on auction the other day I just had to have it! Of course now that I’ve bought it I can’t seem to find another one online anywhere, so I’m really not certain if it’s modern or not – Brita have been going since the mid ’60s, and while I don’t think the jug is retro, I really can’t say for certain. Unusually the jug doesn’t have a place for a filter, which is what this German company are so famous for, and the jug is made of glass instead of the usual plastic, with the glass being produced by another German firm, Schott & Gen. But regardless of its age, this is a super stylish and beautifully made jug – I love that thick stainless steel collar, and the angle of the spout. In truth I could do without the Brita logo on the side of the handle, but this is such a handsome jug that I’m prepared to overlook it, just this once…..

Dimensions: 21cm tall x 12cm in diameter

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1 month 7 days ago

HI Kirsty.. Do you think the jug could go on a stove ? I was thinking about heating milk in it ?