Danish Sauce Maker & Small Enamel Pan



Danish Sauce Maker & Small Enamel Pan


I bought this petite (and rather expensive!) Copco saucepan for it’s great yellow enamel finish, but of course being Danish, I also knew that it would be a decent quality piece of cookware – and I was right – apparently vintage Copco pieces are more sought after than Le Creuset! Starting life in the 1960s, Copco are still going today, but supposedly their new pieces are manufactured in China, and aren’t of the same quality. I bet you they’re not as handsome either!

The little red pan is a bit of a mystery to me – I’ve never seen a pan quite like this, and I’m really not sure what it’s for? The base tells me that it’s definitely meant for the stove, but goodness knows what you’re meant o cook in it? I do love it though, and aside from its good (albeit rather strange) looks, it’s also in reasonably good condition, with only minor damage to the enamel coating.

A wonderful pair that will add a pop of colour to your kitchen!

Dimensions: Yellow Copco saucepan – 7.5cm tall x 13cm in diameter (20cm long, incl. handle); Red enamel pan – 3.5cm tall x 16.5cm wide

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2 years 10 months ago

is the yellow sauce pan still available? I would love to have it please