Antique English Smelting Pots (Each)



Antique English Smelting Pots (Each)


These antique English smelting pots aren’t really our usual fare, but I thought they were really charming, and could see them making for really lovely pot plants – or depending on your decor, you could even possibly use the smaller pots for holding your toothbrush and toothpaste!

They’re obviously quite battered looking, which isn’t surprising given that they were dug out of the ground by a bottle collector! But they’re also seriously old, with some sites dating them to the late 1800s, and others the early 1900s – either way they’ve got some proper age to them!

They were manufactured by the Morgan Crucible Company (who are still in operation today!), and are known as either smelting pots or assay pots or crucibles. The company had massive success with their pots – by including graphite in the clay mix, they produced a crucible that melted metal faster than anything else available in Europe at the time. Clever chaps! I wonder if the graphite explains the unusually rough texture of the cups? It gives them a very naive, but also very interesting look.

Now I just have to hope someone else out there likes our pots as much as I do!

P.S. A set of three slightly smaller Morgan crucibles recently sold on for an impressive $100 (R1700)!

Note: Unfortunately because we’re away at the moment we aren’t able to provide dimensions for this item. Also please note that there will be a delay in couriering this item due to the current government restrictions


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is this sold? I cant add it to my cart? I need all three!