Acapulco Garden Chairs (Each)



Acapulco Garden Chairs (Each)


I’m delighted to introduce you to a new range of garden chairs that we’ll be selling on a permanent basis on Mint! The shape is a very well known Mexican design that goes by the name Acapulco. Legend has it that a French tourist was visiting Acapulco in the 1950s and, struggling with the heat,  he designed a chair fit for the tropics! With its open string construction, the chair resembles a hammock, allowing the air to flow through. And not only do they allow for ventilation, these chairs are also super comfy to sit in, and most importantly seem to be able to stand up to the elements really well! We’ve had similar chairs on our open verandah (no roof) for the past year or so and they still look super smart! The only colour that won’t handle direct sun exposure is the red nylon, which turns a pale shade of cerise if it’s not given some protection, otherwise all of the colours seem to be able to take the light really well.

And in addition to our standard Acapulco chairs, we also have an Acapulco rocker! It works more like a hammock in that you have to lean quite far back in the chair and then you kind of hang out there, suspended – it’s a great feeling once you get used to it! And we plan on introducing a two seater as well for the lovebirds out there – so watch this space!

Please Note: These chairs are being made by hand, so the feet aren’t perfect round circles, but rather are slightly asymmetrical, otherwise the finish is excellent! Also note that there is a one week lead time, so expect a slight delay. Please specify which colour/colours you are ordering in the notes section of your order.

Dimensions: Acapulco chairs – approx. 82cm tall x 85cm in diameter; Acapulco rockers – approx. 69cm tall x 80cm in diameter (110cm long)


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Bridget McNulty
2 years 1 month ago

I love them! You sure you don’t want to bring a pair down as hand luggage? 😉