1950s Wade Pitcher & Burleigh Vase



1950s Wade Pitcher & Burleigh Vase


I’ve been eyeing out this fabulous pair for a couple of months now, but sadly the ticket price was way beyond what I could pay – sometimes though my perseverance (aka obsessive doggedness!) pays off, and I finally managed to get them at a price that I could (just) afford! Although now that I’ve seen what this late 1950s Wade lemonade pitcher (who knew that’s what it was!) sells for, I shouldn’t have been so stingy! At $120 I could probably have paid a wee bit more! And how well does that little Burleigh Ware vase go with the pitcher? It’s a bit dinky, but such a great design that I’m certain there’ll be a lover of retro out there who’ll appreciate it for the great piece of design that it is!

Note: There’s a little bit of wear to the Wade pitcher (see photos) where the red circles have worn away on the inside, but personally I don’t think it detracts particularly from the design.

Dimensions: Wade lemonade pitcher – 22.5cm tall x approx. 15cm in diameter (at its widest); Small Burleigh Ware vase – 12.5cm tall x approx. 6cm in diameter (at its widest)

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3 years 2 months ago

Hi Kirsty, is the little vase sold – i can’t select it?