Ruth the Basket Weaver

So apparently I’m not alone in my hunt for woven baskets – after mentioning that I wanted to write a post about Ruth, the basket weaver, I had a rush of emails asking me to please get to it asap – it seems everyone’s in need of a basket!

I’m not sure though if I maybe didn’t cause a bit of confusion with the basket that I had for sale on Mint – that was a vintage basket, not one of Ruth’s – but the baskets that Ruth sells from her corner in Parkhurst are just as lovely, and even better because you can customise them! Ruth already has a very decent selection of baskets for sale, but if you’re looking for a specific size or colour, you can place an order for something that meets your exact requirements. It’s not a speedy process – it normally takes about a month, but compared to what shops are selling baskets for (as much as R1000 – you’ll pay about R400 for a large basket from Ruth, or R200 for a medium sized one), they’re much more affordable, and I think quite beautiful!

Note: You can visit Ruth in person in Parkhurst, or WhatsApp her your order. She’s normally pretty speedy at replying to messages! Also, the pics that I quickly snapped didn’t include the plain navy and plain black woven baskets, which are my favourite – see a black basket being used as a Mint prop here

  • Tel: 076 385 8910
  • Corner of 4th Ave & 13th St (next to the stationery shop)

One Reply to “Ruth the Basket Weaver”

  1. Lalannie Knoll says:

    These baskets are beautiful!
    I love that you are promoting Ruth. This will enable her to earn a living and people actually knowing who made their item. Stores put up a huge profit even if it’s from small entrepreneurs.
    You’re definitely worth your mint 😉

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