Welcome to the New Home of Mint!

If you haven’t been onto Mint for a little while you might be a bit surprised by our facelift! Mint is all grown-up! Instead of running the shop through a blog we decided to get ourselves organised (after five years!) and open an e-commerce store. What this means is that instead of leaving a comment on the blog or emailing me directly you can now simply add the items you’re wanting to buy to your shopping cart. It also means that you can pay via SnapScan (if you want to – we’re still more than happy to accept EFTs), calculate your postage costs immediately and track your parcels when they’re on their way to you. A minor downside is that there’s a little bit more admin the first time you buy something – you have to supply thing like your postal address and choose your method of payment, but if you take a few minutes to set up an account, going forward things should be pretty straight forward!

If you have any questions or comments about the new Mint then please feel free to contact me: [email protected]/074 644 1492. It might also help if you take a look at the following pages:

3 Replies to “Welcome to the New Home of Mint!”

  1. Bernie says:

    Well done my friend!!! Looks fabulous!!! xx

  2. Nicola says:

    How exciting! Well done on the revamp, Mint is looking lovely.

  3. Thanks so much Nicola & Bernie! Nicola I think you’ve been a Mint subscriber almost since day one – great to have such loyal Mint friends!

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