My Great Shame! (And Calling in Sick)

So for years now I’ve been hiding some dark secrets about myself, and I thought it was about time I came clean with everyone, so here goes:

1) I can’t wink. Ridiculous, but true.

2) I’ve never seen a shooting star. The universe is conspiring against me.

3) I can’t ride a bicycle. I blame my parents.

But after close to forty years of having to hide my shame, one of these things is no longer true (well kind of!). Thanks to Dave du Preez’s fabulous cycling school I can now almost ride!!!! And after only two lessons! Prodigy I tell you! Truth be told it has nothing to do with my rather pathetic balancing skills, and everything to do with Dave’s teaching method which involves removing the peddles from adult-sized bicycles, and allowing you to scoot along on a disused tennis court, far from the stares of people who can’t believe there are adults out there who can’t ride! His method really works, and Dave and Mpho are so calm and encouraging it makes for a great overall experience! Plus as a reward you get to have lunch at the fabulous Breezeblock afterwards (also run by Dave!).

So if you know of anyone else out there who shares my shameful secret please help spread the word! You might just change their life!

Details below:

  •[email protected]/076 705 3992
  • Chiswick Street, Brixton, Johannesburg

P.S. Unfortunately I managed to pick up a tummy bug over the weekend, so wasn’t able to finish today’s posts. My apologies! Things will return to normal again tomorrow!

4 Replies to “My Great Shame! (And Calling in Sick)”

  1. Ifeeltheshame says:

    For a moment there I thought I might have become a blogger… as your words of hiding the “shame” sounded like it came straight from my mouth!
    I might just need to go to Jhb for a sneaky “holiday ” and come back a professional bicyclist.

  2. Valerie Myburgh says:

    Get well soon and congrats on finally learning to ride a bike!

  3. Leanne says:

    How amazing that you have taken the leap to learn something new. You are an inspiration. We are never to old to learn or to do something we want. Hope you feel better soon

  4. Ray says:

    Dear Kirsty

    Living in the city might be the reason you have never seen a shooting star..
    Get Justin to take you on a trip to the Kalahari and experience the stars above and before long you will see one and make a wish

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