A passion for interiors and slightly itchy feet have resulted in my time being taken up by a number of quite serious decor projects over the years. Below are photos of some of the projects that I’ve worked on, including pictures of my most recent obsession, our house in Johannesburg. In addition to personal projects, I’ve also assisted friends who were struggling to manage their own renovation projects, or who simply couldn’t work out what to do with all of the artworks that they had managed to amass over the years!

If you’re also a bit stuck, then please feel free to contact me for a quote – I don’t have the experience of a trained designer, but what I lack in qualifications I like to think I make up for with my slightly obsessive tenacity!

New Build: Durban, South Africa

I have the great fortune of having the world’s worst memory, so when I look back on the process of building my house, which I’m fairly certain was pretty traumatic, all I remember is watching the Diwali fireworks from the construction site, and sitting there thinking, “Wow, this is going to be my home!”. Next thing it was done, and suddenly I had this incredible home, designed in collaboration with an incredible friend, Lindsay Bush. It wasn’t in the best part of town, but it had the most awesome view, a killer balcony, a very clever green roof that sat on top of (and disguised) the garden flat beneath it, and an absolutely breathtaking entrance!

Completed House

Featured in House & Leisure, October 2012

Renovation: Durban, South Africa

When my husband took over this family flat a few years ago it was in a rather sorry state. There were remnants of some pretty awful decor fads from the ‘90s (we’re talking sponged walls and wrought-iron chandeliers!) and most of the wood in the flat needed serious restoration work. It was the first project that we worked on together, and my first taste of decorating with someone else’s bank account – what fun! But in truth we didn’t spend a lot of money, and we managed to turn a somewhat depressing space into a simple, but very handsome man-pad! My favourite addition to the flat was the mural of the little houses that was lovingly painted by our super talented friend, Caryn Tilbury – isn’t it just so lovely! – and much harder wearing than the wall paper that it was based on.

Completed Renovation

Featured in House & Leisure, July 2013

Renovation: Johannesburg, South Africa

After six arduous months of house-hunting in Johannesburg my husband and I stumbled upon this old family home in Linksfield. There was nothing particularly exciting about it, but we were rather desperate and the house had some great retro features, like its stone-wall fireplace and Hollywood-style swimming pool. We spent about half a year renovating it, on and off, and I like to think that we managed to transform a rather run-of-the-mill house into something quite interesting, and definitely very liveable. It was Justin’s lightbulb-moment to lengthen the little box windows in the kitchen, really transforming it into a kitchen that’s much more modern and light-filled. My favourite spot is the old ‘sun-room’ that was previously a second lounge, but now forms part of one big open living space – the perfect spot to eat my morning muesli while I pore over the latest decor mag!


After (Images courtesy of

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