Happy Birthday – To Us!!!!!

It doesn’t really seem possible, but this month marks ten years since Mint first started out in a little (but rather stylish!) co-op in Glenwood, Durban. We began our journey with good friends, Anna Savage of I Heart Market fame, and the delightful Susie & Rupert from Wardrobe (who have been wondering the globe for the past few years). I had no idea that something that started out as a minor obsession, would grow into a business that would manage to support (and entertain!) me for so many years!

I’m so grateful to everyone who’s made this journey possible: my best friend Niall (even if he’s abandoned me for the cool kids in the Wonder City!) who gave me the idea to start Mint online, and did the initial set up for the Mint blog; my amazingly generous and talented brother, Peter Machen, who designed the Mint logo (and today’s birthday balloons!); and my super clever husband, Justin, who took Mint to the next level by converting it into an e-commerce store.

But of course the people I’m most grateful to are you, our ridiculously loyal customers, who have supported Mint for so many years! I know it sounds like an Academy Awards acceptance speech, but really nothing would have been possible without you! We would have been dead in the water the first month if people hadn’t been so incredibly encouraging – so THANK YOU!! And to show how grateful we are Mint is having its biggest sale ever! For this week only, absolutely everything that’s in the shop right now* will be discounted by 50%! Woooohooooo!!!!! Just enter the coupon code happybirthday at the checkout and we’ll deduct 50% from your total!

I hope you can find something that will make you as happy as you have all made me for the past decade! So happy birthday to the massive Mint family! Here’s to another ten years together!!

*Note: New stock going into the shop this week will unfortunately not be discounted

11 Replies to “Happy Birthday – To Us!!!!!”

  1. Caro Tinley says:

    Congratulations and well done to all you guys. I love your online shop and look forward to your daily offerings.
    I marvel at the consistency that produce your mails, nothing hit and miss about you. Takes dedication..
    Look forward to many more minttheshop in my inbox.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Kirsty Machen says:

      Thanks so much Caro – such a sweet message!!

  2. vicky says:

    Happy happy to mint and thank you for decorating our house when we lived in SA. I still look at your morning posts every day up here in Zambia. Here’s to 10 more fun years.

    1. Kirsty Machen says:

      And you were there right form the start Vicky – one of Mint’s first ever online customers! Thanks for your loyal support for all these years!

  3. Ruth Scheepers says:

    Congratulations! Love minttheshop!

  4. Zandré says:

    Happy Birthday Mint! May there be many more x

  5. Astrid Machen says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Mint. You have done so well, produced such interesting blogs which have shown such interesting goods. I wish you many many more years of happiness for Mint.

  6. Jocelyn Newmarch says:

    Happy happy birthday Mint! Thanks for sharing all your amazing finds and your fantastic eye with us over the years – and also, of course, your great customer service. Wishing you many more years in business!

  7. Delene says:

    Happy Birthday Mint and many happy returns with success always.

  8. Nicola says:

    How lovely! I hope there are many many more years of Mint to come. ?

  9. Beverley-Ann Fink says:

    Congratulations Mint !!!
    Wow 10 years on and I remember the shop well and have some lovely pieces in my home as reminders. You have such an amazing eye for beautiful things look forward to the next 10 years.

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