Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and while I no longer celebrate by dancing the night away (this bod is getting too old for that!), I do normally mark the day by enjoying a margarita or two with good friends. This year, of course, will be quite different, with the extent of the festivities likely being a quiet stroll around the block (yes, we are lucky here in the UK – we can go out for walks!).

So I thought in lieu of tequila, this year I’d celebrate this special lockdown edition of my birthday by knocking even more off our already heavily discounted sale items! For today only our smaller items will be reduced by an absolutely crazy FIFTY PERCENT, with our furniture* being less THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT! That’s just bonkers!

* The 35% off furniture sale excludes our Acapulco range, which will remain discounted by 20%

2 Replies to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Shelly says:

    Are you in the UK?!

  2. Beverley-Ann Fink says:

    Very belated happy birthday. I have also been meaning to tell you how excited I was to see in the online Visi that Mint is in the top 10 online vintage /antique stores. Stay safe and healthy.Lovez the BA

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