Finding Water

One of the positives that we can take from the recent events that have rocked our world is how quickly people adapt and change – I suppose it’s how we’ve managed to survive for so long, despite how silly we are as a species sometimes! Instead of visiting shopping centres, more and more of us are now happily getting our retail fix from the comfort of our armchairs; instead of sweating it out in the gym, we’re bouncing around our lounges (thank goodness those video calls are only one way!).

Another part of life that’s gone virtual overnight is opening night of an exhibition – I do hope that one day soon we’ll get to clink wine glasses and try to look like we know what we’re talking about in a real life gallery, but until then it’s imperative that we still support the arts. It is music and books and plays and paintings that make us who we are – whether we realise it or not – and it’s essential that we still nurture and feed those parts of ourselves.

Finding Water, the latest collection from artist Mary-Jane Morris, explores the cycle of water as it moves from the heavens to the earth, from the seas to the skies. Trained as an environmental scientist, Morris’ work is primarily concerned with the relationship between people and their natural environment, something particularly relevant in today’s context.

Finding Water ‘opened’ today at the  Elfriede Dreyer Gallery, with artworks available to purchase online. The gallery can deliver anywhere within South Africa, or abroad.

For further information about Mary-Jane Morris, or to view the collection, please pop in to visit the exhibition (virtually of course – no hand sanitiser required!).

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