Fastway & the Lovely Reuben

I married well – Justin is the king of research – if ever I need to make a decision on a big purchase, or to decide on one service provider over another, Justin’s the man I go to! He’ll spend absolutely yonks researching which company offers the best service at the best price, which is how we landed up using Fastway Couriers for Mint. You have to outlay a bit of cash upfront (you buy prepaid courier labels), but they’re by far the most cost effective and efficient couriers that I’ve come across, and they work in a quite an unusual way: instead of dealing with a big office, you have one person responsible for your area, and that’s the only person you speak to, which makes life much easier!

In Linksfield I work with the wonderful Reuben Lethabane, who is an absolute dream to deal with – in fact I like him so much that I told him I’d take the time to do a little write up on Fastway, hopefully sending a few more customers his way! So if you’re in need of a courier service that’s super reliable and won’t break the bank, please get in touch with the lovely Reuben – details below:


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  1. noodle says:

    Love how you are able to phone the delivery driver for your area too, and chat directly to them.

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