Cutting Things Fine

Those of you who know me personally will nod in agreement when I say that I’m far more interested in dressing my home than I am in dressing up, but on the odd occasion that I do decide to splash out and buy a new skirt or blouse, there’s really only one place I go to, and that’s Guillotine!

The creative genius of Lisa Jaffe, Guillotine is an established South African brand that fuses sharp, bold design with wearability, meaning that even non-fashionistas, like myself, feel comfortable in their beautifully tailored clothes.

With their flagship store housed in 44 Stanley Avenue, visiting Guillotine is a great day out (especially if the charming Lisa is in the house!), but it’s a bit of a trek if you don’t live in Johannesburg, so it really is great news that Guillotine have launched a new website that allows you to shop from the comfort of your lazyboy! They’ll even deliver your purchase to your door free of charge, which let’s face it, is a big selling point at the moment!

So if you feel you may have let things slip in the style stakes lately, why not reinvent yourself with a Guillotine makeover. Head over to to view their recently launched autumn/winter collection – you’ve never seen anything finer!

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