I’ve always joked that if something were to happen to me, my body would be discovered pretty quickly because of the dedicated Minters who message within minutes of me missing the deadline for a Mint post! The cheeky joke was really about one very special mother and daughter duo, Fleurette and Claudine Milsom, who have been friends of Mint pretty much since the get-go! Claudine returned home from her life abroad (where she very adventurously sailed the seven seas!) shortly after Mint first started out, and she quickly became obsessed with all things retro!

To meet this bubbly, light-hearted and easy going lass, you would have no idea of the seriousness and single mindedness with which she could pursue a Tretchikoff or vintage genie bottle! The passion was intense and impressive! And it is for this wonderful crazy enthusiasm, Claudine’s zest for life, and her warm heart that she will be so sorely missed – Claudine tragically passed away on her 42nd birthday, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year.

I will miss her frantic calls first thing in the morning (when Mint was misbehaving), her tangible relief when she still managed to nab whatever precious item she was after, and the kindness and decency she always showed (despite her rising panic!). Even when diagnosed and facing the worst news imaginable to anyone, Claudine was still so incredibly kind and considerate to everyone around her.

We send all of our love to Fleurette, Claudine’s father, Ian, and her brother, Clyde. Wherever Claudine is, I’m certain that’s she surrounded by the love I know she felt from all of you while she was still with us – that love and a wall of Tretchi’s, and rows and rows of glittering genie bottles!

7 Replies to “Claudine…..”

  1. Sharon Howard says:

    So sad to hear of this .. she sounds like a true gem .. lots of loc e and strength to the family. You mentioned Minters .. I’m from a Minter family as well.

    1. Bev Jackson says:

      She was a true gem. An absolute honey.

  2. Sheryll de Jager says:

    W hat a beautiful tribute to an amazing lady…. Claudine and Fleurette were part of our Hospice Shop family too and were always looking for her treasures at our auctions and was so excited when she won her bid .. we will always remember your loving, kind and bubbly nature Claudine … fly with the angels

  3. Karls says:

    lovely words Kirsty.
    Sorry for your loss .
    so sad & she was so young.

  4. sue edgar says:

    Aaahhhh so sad- mom and daughter were a delightful pair! I met them first when they bought a car-load of my Retro squirrel jugs and other quirky retro items last year- and was looking forward to re-connecting over coffee…. so so sad

  5. Kathleen Williams says:

    So sad when I heard the news what a lovely lady whom we loved visiting Hospice shop. Make up so perfect as her lovely smile RIP

  6. Yumnah Jangda says:

    Claudine definitely was a true gem.. Always happy go lucky.
    Flurette and Claudine were best friends. Claudines family ment the world to her.. The apple of her eye her brother Clyd.
    Lots of love to the Milsom family.

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