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About eight or nine years ago a customer came to pick something up from our home in Durban. She was really lovely, but I felt like bonking her on the head – truly! She was saying what a great little business I had, and how long did it take me, “About an hour a day?”. It was at that point that my blood pressure rose.

We try to make it look relatively effortless, but in truth it takes a lot to keep Mint going! From sourcing stock, to cleaning, researching, photographing, packing, arranging couriers – you get the idea, it’s quite intensive! And then there’s all the admin – staying up to date with emails, reconning accounts, scanning receipts – again – a lot!

And all of this a really roundabout way of saying that I’m taking a few days off to catch up! I didn’t want anyone to think that I would be lazing on the couch, when really I’ll be spending my days looking at spreadsheets!

Hopefully I’ll be done by Wednesday, so things will be back to normal in a few short days and we can forget about the horror of admin and concentrate instead on the joy of retro!

Happy Friday everyone! đŸ™‚

P.S. As a peculiar aside, Justin is on the hunt for a super smart, personable IT person who lives in Jozi and is looking for work or a job change. It needs to be somebody with experience in looking after business systems (business analyst or similar), ideally with dev experience and great management skills. Start date asap!

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  1. sandy couryer says:

    Dearest Kirsty, the worst part is that you feel you have to explain when you need a few days off! You work flipping hard, so I do hope you also get a bit of rest in those couple of days. Thank you so much for all that you do. It certainly brings joy to my life.

    Warmest regards, Sandy


      hi kIRSTY

      hOPE YOU GET ALL DONE AND YOU NEED A BREAK – STRANGE HOW everyone thinks another persons “work” looks effortless – we in Earthmoving every second friend / person we meet say I can buy a Tipper truck and it can work for you …………………………….we had a bad experience and High court court case with a Debtor that never paid – needless to say 4 years down the line and about R4 mil later we decided to cut our losses and leave the Advocates and Lawyers etc.
      After getiing info from SARS – the company we worked for had not paid Income Tax PAYE UIF and or handed in annual “books” for 4 years nothing ……………….. – ( you try that one on Uncle SARS – he will be at your door in a Flash!

      That was what made us decide to LEAVE and cut our losses.

      Sorry this was a bit of “bitterness” exploding – Have a great Time off. DONT WORK TOOOOO HARD



  2. sue edgar says:

    Yip it is a Double-Fold Thing…. Dealing in Beauty v, the Hard Stuff of Admin and Packaging stock Safely and Well! Know the feeling… as an online business owner myself- the Media Beast never sleeps, and I am still, after 6 years, trying to find an amicable balance between work and rest…. and not really succeeding … yet… But the upsides of making lovely online friends of the awesome ladies… and a few gents sprinkled here and there, that purchase my treasures, and the thrill of the hunt for Objects of Beauty keep me ‘Keeping On’ through the tedious unfamiliar seas of Admin {I am a designer, so admin NOT my strong point}, but Oh Boy do I need a holiday!



  3. Erika Critien says:

    Hi Kirsty

    Are you still looking of a IT person in Jozi.

    best regards

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