Because We’re Loopy…..

Because we’re nuts and basically never want a day’s rest again, Justin and I are putting are recently renovated Joburg house on the market! Truth is we’re actually not desperately wanting to sell our house (we quite like it in fact!), but the other day we discovered that our favourite house in Norwood is for sale, so we thought why the hell not! We have no interest in buying any house other than the one we have our hearts set on, so if the stars don’t align, and we don’t get said house, we will continue to enjoy our rather lovely Linksfield home. That being said if anyone knows of anyone on the hunt for a house our side, please put them in touch with us!

Additional photographs and details available on Private Property

One Reply to “Because We’re Loopy…..”

  1. Hein says:

    Well ďone Kirsty,

    Glad to have been a minute part of it. Hope to still be in the next 10!!


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