And We’re Back!!

After a fabulous break Mint is back and raring to go! We had a most wonderful time visiting my brother in Berlin (thanks Mache for all the good times – and introducing us to the most ridiculously tasty yoghurt – things will never be the same again). We also went past Belgium to visit our good friend Luc, and his lovely lass, Isabelle – too much beer, too much beer – before swinging past Amsterdam for a day.

The crazy photo of me is from Amsterdam where I finally managed to find a market (I literally couldn’t contain my excitement – it was just too much!). Berlin has wonderful markets, but they were all closed over Christmas, which was a little heartbreaking for me! Baggage restrictions meant I couldn’t bring much home with me, but I did manage to sneak one or two pieces in, so keep a look out for some Dutch flavoured retro goods over the next few weeks!

P.S. I love the photo of my brother ‘smoking’ a sparkler on New Years’ Eve, and the photo by the sea (in case you’re confused) is from a day trip we took to Poland with our friends David and Vanessa….


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  1. Karla says:

    Ahh Kirst looks like you had a great time & lots of fun.
    Glad you are home safely.

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