An Update…..

Good morning folks! I hope you are all doing well, and have managed to stay (mostly) sane over the past few weeks! It’s been – and I suppose, still is – quite an experience….

I’ve had a few enquiries regarding the delivery of orders. Unfortunately, while the courier companies have started operating again, they can’t collect from us just yet, as in order to do so we would need a Covid permit. We’re hoping that when we reach Level 3, we might be able to obtain one of these prized permits!

In the interim we’ve started packing your boxes, so that they ‘re ready to send the moment we get the go ahead from the powers that be! We’re leaving the boxes open though, so if you see anything else on our sale that tempts you, just ask us and we’ll add it to your previous order – at no additional courier fee, of course 🙂

That’s it for now people! Please shout if you have any questions at all, otherwise stay safe, and stay happy!

2 Replies to “An Update…..”

  1. Erika Critien says:

    Hi Kirsty hope you are well. I an just following up on my order still not received. Thanks and regards Erika Critien.

    1. Kirsty Machen says:

      Hi Erika, we emailed you on the 26th May regardng your order, asking you to confirm the courier option, but we never heard back from you? I’ll forward our email to your whatsapp, just in case you never received it….

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