A Pretty Great Surprise!

For me, that is! Not so great for all you Minters, who unfortunately will have to wait a wee bit to have the goods they order in the next two weeks delivered: I’m in London with Justin! Poor husband person came back from a business trip to the UK on Sunday, only to be shipped off again on Tuesday. His work (very, very kindly!), agreed to send me with him, so here I am writing to you from Shoreditch! We return on Tuesday the 4th September, so things will resume as per normal from that date. I also didn’t get a chance to take any measurements before I left, so you’ll have to use that little red bokkie matchbox to get an idea of proportions.

Shout if you have any questions (I’m on email and WhatsApp), otherwise I’ll see you all on the flip side!

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  1. Derek says:

    Enjoy that British weather!

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