A Lesson to be Learned…..

Don’t go drinking in the afternoon!

So yesterday Justin and I popped into our local Mexican restaurant, Baha Taco (a fabulous spot for those who haven’t been!), to ask the owners if they knew of anywhere in Norwood where there might be space to rent – the block they’re in looked like it might have a few hidden nooks, and Mint needs extra space for our furniture. And we thought since we were there, we might as well indulge in one of their delicious (but potent!) margaritas for me, and Belgian beers for Justin. Well one led to two, and soon we found ourselves quite tipsy (the margaritas really are quite something!). When we returned home I thought I’d just have a quick bath, and a half hour power nap before I started working on today’s posts – famous last words! I woke up at 23h00!

So because of my unintentional and unplanned afternoon cocktail session I’m afraid we don’t have any items for sale today. My head is too sore and my mouth too dry to write about retro treasures! So sorry, but I promise I’ll be back on the straight and narrow by tomorrow, when order will be returned to the land of Mint!

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7 thoughts on “A Lesson to be Learned…..

  1. hahaha this is too funny!! Thanks for the monday humour. Nurse that headache… we can wait until tomorrow to read aboit those retro finds!

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