A is for Apple

It’s our last week of our NZ trip, and sadly also our last week of trading for the year, so we thought as a bon voyage to 2019 we’d have an alphabet soup sale!

Every day this week we’ll have different items on sale, depending which category the items fall into. Starting with A is for Apple (or in this case ‘Ashtrays’), we’ll work our way through all of our shop categories, until we reach our very last category, ‘Wood’, on Friday.

Each sale will last just short of twenty-four hours, from 07h00 on the one day until 06h55 the next morning, at which point we’ll move along to the next group of letters! And each day the items on sale will be reduced by a rather healthy 30%, except for furniture, which will be knocked down by 20% – not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

So we kick off today’s sale with A is For Apple, which obviously includes ashtrays, but also stretches all the way to E is for Elephant, which in the land of Mint equates to enamelware!

Happy treasure hunting folks!

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