Punting Peter!

I’m sure everyone’s heard me talk about my brother, Peter, over the years. Not only has he always been a massive supporter (slash-enabler) of Mint (it is a bit of an addiction for me!), but he’s also the person responsible for all of the Mint branding, including the tongue-in-cheek payoff line, ‘The Retired Goods Company’. […]

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A Cheeky Looong Weekend!

For my birthday this year my very clever husband bought us tickets to Maputo, which is where we’re off to this morning (whoop whoop!). So I’m afraid Mint is shutting down for a few days while Justin and I soak up the sun in Mozambique! Things will return to normal by Wednesday next week. Happy […]

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Saying Goodbye…..


Sadly the time has come for us to part with our Durban home. We absolutely loved living there, and will be forever grateful to our good friend, Linday Bush, who designed this wonderful house, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be heading back to Durbs anytime soon, so it makes sense to let it go. Below is […]

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